Evil nationalism in total war

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During 1914, the entire Europe was a powder keg filled not with gunpowder, but pride. Finally, it blew up with the assassination of the Austrian archduke Franz Ferdinand in the 28th of June. While Franz Ferdinand was on his way to examine Serbia, he was assassinated by the Serbian nationalist (Sowards). In response to this action, Austrian angrily announced an ultimatum to Serbia, which strictly demanded Serbia to end all anti-Austrian agitation and punish any Serbian official whoever involved in the murder plot. However, the refusal of the demand gives many extreme nations like Germany an opportunity to show and test their army. Meanwhile, nations like Germany has a very strong nationalism thinking in their mind, which helped them to…show more content…
Overall, although nationalism improves Britain’s navy and industrialization, it also damaged Britain’s economy, which after the war Britain was suffering for restoring economy and repair war damaged.
Although nationalism is the major causes for the beginning of the World War I, some people think that nationalism has no connection to it. Many people think that the start of World War I is causes by Austria wanting to take revenge on the Serbian and therefore send massive troops to the front line a fought Serbian. However, without nationalism in Serbia, the Austrian archduke would never be assassinated and as a result Austria has no reason to declared war on Serbia. In the process of World War I turning into total war, many people think that it turn into a total war is the war stuck in the stalemate for many years and both sides of the alliance wants to end the war as soon as possible, as a result, put all their effort into the war. However, if nationalism in Russia never felt having responsibilities on helping Serbia, the war won’t even turn into a global war that evolved many power in Europe. Also, without nationalism in Russia, she won’t mobilized that much of forces to the front line and therefore other nations don’t need to mobilized the same amount of the troops to either defend or defeat them. As a result, without nationalism, the war will not stuck in a stalemate that
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