Evils Of Solitary Confinement : A Critical Effect On Human Body And Their Psyche

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Olivier Benoit Mr.Flood College Writing 12 December 2016 Evils of Solitary Solitary confinement has a critical effect on the human body and their psyche; it also shows a lack of reform. Solitary confinement is when a prisoner has little to no time with interactions of other humans for an amount of time that may range from a couple of hours to several decades. When someone undergoes solitary confinement they are kept away from any type of social interactions. Psychologist note that as humans, we are social animals and, it is vital that we have some sort of interaction with others (Gawande). Without any type of social reaction, we are kept away from one of our human necessities, which will clearly cause problems among the prisoners. Psychological issues is one of the main issues a convict may face when undergoing solitary. Many prisoners will face mental problems in the first few days in confinement. In an experiment that was meant to last 6 months, but was only able to last 7 days it was recorded that “nearly every student lost the ability ‘to think clearly about anything for any length of time,’ while several others began to suffer hallucinations. ‘One man could see nothing but dogs,’” (Breslow). If even students who are mentally sound succumbed to the effects of solitary confinement, imagine what it might do to mentally ill patients. To some people 's surprise mentally challenged patients are actually allowed in solitary confinement. The numbers of people with

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