Evolutin in Management Thought and the Pattern of Management Analysis

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An Assignment
The Evolution in Management Thought and
The Pattern of Management Analysis

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The evolution of management thought and the patterns of management analysis-
The purpose of this paper is to give a basic understanding in evolution of management thoughts and the patterns of management analysis. It is a compilation of resources that explain what management is, different levels of management,what tasks are essential for managers. It also includes recent changes in management practices along with and
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These Gantt charts were employed on major infrastructure projects including the Hoover Damand Interstate Highway system and continue to be an important tool in project management
Gantt charts
A Gantt chart showing three kinds of schedule dependencies (in red) and percent complete indications.
Gantt created many different types of charts. He designed his charts so that foremen or other supervisors could quickly know whether production was on schedule, ahead of schedule, or behind schedule. Modern project management software includes this critical function even now.
Gantt (1903) describes two types of balance * the "man’s record", which shows what each worker should do and did do, and * the "daily balance of work", which shows the amount of work to be done and the amount that is done.
Gantt gives an example with orders that will require many days to complete. The daily balance has rows for each day and columns for each part or each operation. At the top of each column is the amount needed. The amount entered in the appropriate cell is the number of parts done each day and the cumulative total for that part. Heavy horizontal lines indicate the starting date and the date that the order should be done. According to Gantt, the graphical daily balance is "a method of scheduling and recording work". In this 1903 article, Gantt also describes the use of: "production cards" for assigning work to each operator and recording how much was done each day

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