Evolution And Contributions Of The Indo-Aryan Family

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2.2.3 The Indo-Aryan Influence
Following the Dravidians, came in the band of invaders who called themselves Arya(Sinclair, 1884). It was during the 2nd millennium B.C. that these invaders made their way into India via north western borders of India (Emeneau, 1980)(Zograf, 1982). It is this language family that hold the highest position in the linguistic landscape of India. The Indo-Aryan family is a branch out of the Indo-European language family which made its way into the Indian soil (Zograf, 1982). The Aryan impact of the Aryan heritage can be seen substantially in the current Indian culture is a result of its invasion which had lasted for about 100 years (Zograf, 1982). It is during this phase of invasions that the Aryan family had brought into India not a single but rather a collection of related and different languages and dialect (Zograf, 1982). The beginning of the Aryan influence had started with the language India considers to be the language of their Hindu religion and that is the Vedic language (Zograf, 1982). The earliest form of Indian texts in which the religious poetries were written in was known as the Vedas (Zograf, 1982). Slowly came in the next phase of literary development and came in the language which is considered to be the root of all the Indo-Aryan languages, Sanskrit (Zograf, 1982). Sanskrit covered the whole of the Indo-Aryan linguistic domain (Zograf, 1982). Then as the middle of the 1st millennium B.C. came the middle stage of the Indo-Aryan
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