Evolution And Development Of Contemporary Management Theory

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Management revolutionized by the “man who invented management”, a writer, consultant, and professor. Known as the “godfather of management theory and practise” Peter F (Bloomberg L.P 2014), Drucker influenced many people with his management theory and business concepts. Professor Peter Drucker (1909 – 2005) was a leading academic researcher, author, and expert who had a prominent and significant influence on the evolution and development of contemporary management theory throughout the second half of the twentieth century (Bloomberg L.P 2014), (HBSP, 2014) When it was originally published this now classic work by Drucker was rapidly accepted and adopted by academics, company executives, and management consultants into mainstream management theory and practice (HBSP, 2014). This article was published over twenty six years ago, about five years before the World Wide Web and the Internet became significantly disruptive technologies (Drucker Institute 2012). Figure 1: Peter F. Drucker (Leadership dynamics, 2012) “The coming of the new organization” allows an insight into how organisations change and develop over time. It highlights the necessary changes to be made in order to remain undeviating in twenty-first century business forces and move towards becoming an innovation organization (Drucker Institute 2012). Peter Drucker is a famous managerial and business icon (Bloomberg L.P 2014). Due to the arrival of information processing technologies, new organisations are
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