Evolution And Development Of Operation Management

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Introduction People can say that operations management has existed since man start to produced goods and services to meet their needs and necessities. Although, the origin of operations may be come from ancient civilizations, their major evolution in history is practically refers to the last 250 years. Therefore, the story is presented in accordance with the most important contributions or primitive impulses and not strictly chronological terms. There are several important areas that have contributed to the evolution and development of operation management. One of the key factor and influence on history of this development is the industrial revolution. In the eighteenth century in England there it occurred a development called Industrial Revolution. This development comprised two main aspects: the widespread substitution of human, animal and water power machines; it originates a second aspect that was the establishment of the factory system. The steam engine invented by James Watt in 1764, provided the necessary mechanical power to factories, others parallel events as the creation and concentration of workers at the factories. This development gave workers and factories a need to organize for a more logical, faster and efficient completion of tasks (Qureshi, 2015). The Industrial Revolution spread to England and other European nations and the United States. This was more accelerated in the late eighteenth century with the development of the petrol engine and
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