Evolution And Evolution : Intelligent Design Vs. Evolution

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There are many theories and beliefs expressed by people from different cultures and professions and the topic tends to leave a lot of room for opinion. This ongoing controversy about how the world came about and whether it has evolved from intelligent design or Evolution, tends to leave a lot of open questions that haven’t yet been answered. Evolution is the development of life on earth. It is the change in characteristics of a species over many generations. Intelligent design is the theory that life can’t have arisen by chance (big bang) and was designed by some intelligent being or entity (God). Sir Charles Darwin was one of the most well-known and recognised scientists whom dedicated his whole life to researching and proving the theory of Evolution. He believed that all organisms originated from a common ancestor and have evolved slowly over time. Darwin also named a process called Natural Selection to support his theory. Natural Selection can be described as the ‘survival of the fittest’, meaning that the environment selects those organisms that thrive from the available resources and suitable conditions to ultimately reproduce exponentially. The offspring born with favourable variations or differences could help them to obtain resources, find food, avoid predators, resist disease and reproduce. The offspring born with disadvantages may lead to death as they are not strong enough or do not have the traits they need to be able to survive. Darwin was convinced that
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