Evolution And Evolution Of Evolution

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Most things in science all eventually lead back to one thing, evolution. Evolution has been an interesting topic since mankind could wrap its mind around the concept. Whether one believes in it or not, it is hard to deny the cold hard facts that back up how every being has changed from its original form of life. From plants to humans, everything has adapted and evolved to be able to adjust to climate changes, habitats disappearing, and new predators. All it takes is for one mutated gene to get a foothold and aid in the survival of a species for the evolu-tion to begin. Although many will try and disagree, evolution has played a large role in every living beings survival. Even with evolution being such a key part of science, it did not quite start out that way. “Pre-Darwinian science, heavily influenced by theology, held that all organisms were created simultaneously by God and that each distinct life-form remained fixed and unchanging from the moment of its creation” (Audesirk). This idea lasted for many years, 427-347 B.C., as great philosophers preached of this grand idea without anyone challenging their words (Audesirk). It gave a simple and easy answer to the tough question of how everything came to be, which was enough for most people. It wasn 't until 1707-1788 when George Louis LeClerc suggested that maybe the original sets of life had changed over time (Audesirk). This claim was bold and un-heard of before, and many viewed it as blasphemy. “However, by the 19th…
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