Evolution And Evolution Of Evolution

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Evolution is something that can be taken into different meanings, from the way you live. Some people can accept evolution and some can’t. The meaning of evolution is the way a different animal or species came to be, and how they are linked to a different of species that all share a common ancestor (an introduction to evolution). There is a lot of evidence to shows that evolution is can be proven like DNA Sequences, Fossil Records, Cladograms, and analogous/homologous structures, because there are so many ways to prove that there is evidence for evolution, but I 'm only going to discuss four of them. One evidence that can back up evolution is DNA Sequences. DNA Sequences can show the similarities that two different species share (genetic similarities: Wilson). You can look at DNA sequences from different animals to see if there is a common link between the two. DNA sequences play a very important role in evolution. It gives a large amount of evidence of evolution by showing that living species share something in common with the basic hereditary (evolution of DNA). With us being able to see that some species share a common link with an ancestor, we can pair them up with species that have the most common links together to the ones that only have a few links in common (evolution of DNA). Ever since we discovered DNA it has helped supported the theory of evolution, it also has helped scientist predict where evolution will happen in the future.…
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