Evolution And Evolution Of Evolution

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What is the theory of evolution? Many people who don’t understand science or Biology

don’t know how to answer this question. “Evolution is the process of biological change by which

descendants come to differ from their ancestors.” In our society today, there is many conflicts

that exist between creationism which is the belief that a higher power created the Earth and

made living things and the theory of evolution. Some people are debating whether to teach

evolution in schools because the subject is very touchy to others. In other areas of the world,

there is wars against religion and evolution. I am on both sides. I don’t really care about either

because they both sound pretty good to me. Evolution makes sense to me. I like the history of

evolution. It’s so cool to see how different species have evolved throughout time.

#1) Chapter 10.1-10.5, p. 280-301 (Early Scientist’s observations, Darwin’s

Observations, Theory of Natural Selection, Evidence of Evolution, Evolutionary Biology Today)

There are many scientists and people that study evolution and it’s wonders. The most

well known was Charles Darwin who traveled to the Galapagos Islands and observed

evolutionary changes in different species or “a group of organisms that are very similar to each

other that they can reproduce and have children”, but there are four major ones that we should

learn about in biology class. The first guy was Carolus Linnaeus was a Swedish Botanist who

developed a…
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