Evolution In The TED Talk

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Evolution was one of the main concepts in the TED talk video because without it we would still have to use the Electronic Numerical Integrator and Computer and our economy would see the consequence of that. Evolution is something that many things in this world has gone through, people,animals, plants all evolve. This is because the world is forever changing so as humans evolved so has our creations. Humans as a species will continue to get smarter and as a result so will our technology. For example Guglielmo Marconi He was an Italian inventor, he proved the feasibility of radio communication. He sent and received his first radio signal in Italy in 1895. But by 1901 he was trying to send signals over seas, this is only a six year difference and he had very…show more content…
This is because machines have evolved so much that they can now be programmed to do the jobs of humans. This is bad for workers but good for companies because machines can work faster, longer and cheaper than people do and their quality of work is better. This is because they are doing what they were made to do the job is their purpose. For example cashiers are everywhere because they are needed, well not anymore because now we have self checkout machine that are more confident that having a real person do the job. This machine save the company money and the customer time so it's all around a better option. The thing is that the only reason machines like this are around is because someone was smart enough to not only think of the machine but create it as well in which helped technolgy take a step in evolving. Technological evolution is very similar to an apple tree. It started from one thing (seed) and from there with water and sunlight (knowledge) it starts to grow and never stops. Then you get apples (different types of technology) and the apples fall and new ones begin to grow.( new technology coming
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