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1. Did the construction of the phylogenetic tree based on the 14 living Caminalcules change the way you would group Caminalcules species in your taxonomic classification (chart)? What does this suggest about classification based on strictly of similarity versus evolutionary relationship? The phylogenetic tree was more of an evolutionary tree. It showed the evolution of the organisms and their ancestors or traits that they branched off of. The chart however just simply organizes and separates the organisms in similarity. The tree did not change the chart, the chart see similarities with structures between the modern day organisms and the tree shows their evolutionary linage. The tree reflected our taxonomic classification. 2. Did your…show more content…
A good example of this would be “living fossils” like the horseshoe crab or cockroach. Provide an example from your phylogenic tree of evolutionary stasis. Discuss the ecological conditions that might result in this sort of long-term evolutionary stasis. An example of evolutionary stability would be species 13, the species survived more than 13 million years and now is a “living fossil”. The ability for the species to reproduce and survive in an area means a there is no need for the species to evolve. Unchanging ecological conditions results in this long term stasis. 6. Some Caminalcules went extinct without leaving descendents. In the real world, what characteristic of a species (not of their enivornment) might increase the probability of a species going extinct? The ecological conditions might have changed quickly and the species was not able to adapt to those conditions, which eventually lead the species to go extinct. 7. Find two examples of convergent evolution among the Caminalcules. This means finding cases where two or more species have a similar characteristic that evolved independently in each lineage. The wings of bats, birds and bees is an example of convergence since the three groups did not inherit the characteristic from their common ancestor. Write your answers in complete sentences (e.g. “Species x and y both have ____ but their most recent common ancestor, z, did not”). The claws of species 3 and 12 (their most recent common ancestor,

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