Evolution Of Accounting : Past And Present Building The Future

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Evolution of Accounting: Past and Present Building the Future Application and improvement of some modern accounting and financial techniques are fundamentally changing the company’s ability to make a profit. (Warren Buffett). In 1994, I was introduced to the world of business math which is just a simplified basic accounting. Though it was just a school year of taking the class it left a lasting imprint in my life. It was there when I realized how much I loved business math along with journal entries. Sometime after graduating from high school I decided to attend Delta Tech School of Business to earn a degree in Accounting. In my mind I basically thought that accounting was merely me sitting at a desk journalizing bills placed at my desk. Unbeknownst to me that I would enter at a time to see major changes in the accounting structure develop along the span of social, globally, and ethically categories. While, I would never challenge Warren Buffett beliefs, I do feel that in my opinion when application and improvement happen within those four major catalyst it forces accounting to adapt with it as business strive to gain a profit. Social sciences such as historical events or movements that when started, ready or not, can cause a rippling effects across the board. With historical movements like Women’s Suffrage and, Civil Rights Movement, Gender Equality Laws for example removed barriers where women like Christine Ross, the first certified in the United States of

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