Evolution Of Accounting : Past And Present Building The Future

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Evolution of Accounting: Past and Present Building the Future

Application and improvement of some modern accounting and financial techniques are fundamentally changing the company’s ability to make a profit. (Warren Buffett). In 1994, I was introduced to the world of business math which is just a simplified basic accounting. Though it was just a school year of taking the class it left a lasting imprint in my life. It was there when I realized how much I loved business math along with journal entries. Sometime after graduating from high school I decided to attend Delta Tech School of Business to earn a degree in Accounting. In my mind I basically thought that accounting was merely me sitting at a desk journalizing bills placed at my desk.
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–The Right to Practice Without The Right To Vote –Reflections of the Legacy of First Women CPA’s. July 2008 The CPA Journal ; Dale L. Fisher, Gary John Previs and Andrew D. Sharp.Certified. With the coming of Civil Rights, it allowed the face of accounting to continue to change. The Civil Right allowed African American to enter into the business arena, but prior to this it was equally hard to move pass racial barriers. Theordora Ronteneau Rutherford although a Summa Cum Laude from Howard University in 1923, earned a scholarship where she graduated from Columbia University of business. She has to wait thirty seven years before becoming a certified accountant in 1960. Now with laws protecting against discrimination against gender and race accounting proves to be a very culturally diverse occupation. As I reached this topic I discovered that first African American accountant name was Lincoln Harrison in 1946. The Whitest Profession.
When I was first grade my parents purchased a Texas Instrument Computer, but at the time the only thing I could do was play games. There was no word perfect, excel, or database, so if I wanted to print anything I would use an electric typewriter printer. It would store what I would type then I just would have to press print after sticking a sheet of paper in the machine. In 1994 fall, I had to take a computer class that was basically how to
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