Evolution Of Aging Research Paper

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The purpose of this news is to notify us that scientists now understand better why aging occurs, researchers from the Institute of Molecular Biology (IMB) in Mainz, Germany found out that the genes which cause aging belong to a process called autophagy which boosts health and fitness in youth but drive the process of ageing later in life. It also demonstrates that ageing is something humans can not avoid. To do this research the researchers shut down autophagy in old worms and they saw there was a strong improvement in neuronal and subsequent whole body health. In the article of The tech museum of architecture they state that there are two theories of why we age, one is that our genes decide how long we live, and the other one says that as we live our DNA gets damaged until we can no longer function as we are supposed to do. They also talk about the experiment with the worms and how by mutating certain genes they can expand their lifespan up to 4-fold, which for humans would be the same as 300 years. There is another article were their research is about trying to prove that ageing is universal and is the same for all living things, however they found that is has many variables depending on the animal.

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