Evolution Of Barbie's Embodiment Of Pop Culture

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The evolution of Barbie has been an interesting one. The doll has sparked countless debates, yet has continued to be a defining icon for children for countless years, and will probably be so for many more. Her changing fashion, careers and views could be easily attributed to the changing views in our society and current fashions that have transfixed the world over time. Barbie is a tangible embodiment of pop culture throughout the years, she has managed to become popular and stay popular, because she has done what many toys could not, she has grown to fit the world around her, and by doing so has captivated generations.
Barbie’s changing fashions overtime have reinforced popular culture as she has resembled what is ‘trendy’ and ‘in’ at time
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The first of many changes being the introduction of the first official African-American Barbie and Latina Barbie, both of which were not released until 1980, twenty years after the first Barbie was released. This year the newly-released 2016 ‘Barbie Fashionistas’ are available in four body types, seven skin tones and 22 eye colours addressing long-time criticism that the dolls did not accurately reflect the modern woman. This change means more representation for women of colour, more representation of a normal female body type, teaching young girls that white is not default and anorexia is not beautiful. This links back to the much needed change in social thinking and the popularity of healthy lifestyles and colour representation in 2016. Barbie has begun to represent women outside the thin, white, blonde archetype and represent women as a diverse set of individuals, appealing to a wider range of consumes and the new trend in pop culture. Barbie has reinforced pop culture over time as she has managed to change in response to the opinions of society, whether or not she agreed with the change.
In conclusion, Barbie’s changing fashions, interests and views have altered in response to suit pop culture throughout the years. Barbie is a physical personification of popular culture throughout the years, and she has grown to fit the world around her, to change with the ‘fads’ and ‘fashions’ of the time. However in some cases it seems as though she has transgressed us on some levels. Barbie is a palpable representation of the amount of change that has taken place over the decades, a change in social thinking, social constructs, fashion and beauty. The Barbie doll is the perfect representation of popular
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