Evolution Of Cad And Cam Technology Systems Essay

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The high request for ceramic restorations in the posterior and anterior areas has focused on the evolution of CAD and CAM technology systems. In the early 1980s Pioneered by Mörmann, the first CAD/CAM system called Cerec System started the era of CAD/CAM in dentistry. (Mörmann, 2006) The CAD/CAM technology was powered by the improvement of computing power and specific recovery systems and milling machines. Therefore, to avoid traditionally digital systems offer the opportunity and analogue impressions giving patient support and effective workflow. The CAD/CAM systems are used in dental applications usually contain three components: 1. There is a digital scanner that changes the geometry into digital information that can be prepared by the computer. 2. Software that processes information and, depending on the application, produces an information set for the product to be created. 3. A production technology that converts the data set into the favourite product. (Shenoy and Prabhu, 2015) Computer Aided Design To produce 2D or 3D graphical pictures of the objects CAD is the best computer applications to use. CAD is more used to design the products in a varied range of industries, where the software performs controls for defining the best structure and size for a diversity of product and manufacturing design applications. The scanned documents are converted into the Stereolithography format. The CAD software converts the implicit model into a unique set of

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