Evolution Of Cats Essay

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The house cat has been a favored companion for many years. Their small size and independent tendencies makes them ideal pets for those who do not want a high maintenance animal. They are quirky and show lots of love if you take care of them. Cats are complex animals, but can be great pets. They have their own way of doing things, but still can be a great companion. They have gone through a lot throughout the years, yet still have barely changed. Cats are interesting in their own ways, both their history and personalities.
The cat’s scientific name is Eukaryota Anamalia Chordata Mammalia Carnivora Felidae Felis catus (“Felis Catus: The Domestic Cat,” n.d.). Usually just the term Felidae is used (“Felis Catus: The Domestic Cat,” n.d.). The evolution
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They have special adaptations that they have acquired through time and evolution. On the outside, cats have whiskers on their face that help them to navigate (Foss, Stewart & Swift, 2008, p.12). They also have cupped ears that can rotate to catch sound, which helps them to hunt (Foss, Stewart & Swift, 2008, p.10). Their tongues are covered in papillae to help scrape food off of bones or to clean itself (Foss, Stewart & Swift, 2008, p.10). Their fur coats protect them from cold, bug bites, stings, and other irritants, and can also be raised when frightened or threatened to seem larger in size (Foss, Stewart & Swift, 2008, p.10). Not easily seen are the sweat glands that cats only have on their paw pads (Foss, Stewart & Swift, 2008, p.11). Moving inward, cats have a very flexible spine, aiding them when falling to land on their feet or to help them get into small spaces (Foss, Stewart & Swift, 2008, p.12). Most cats can see ultraviolet light (Foss, Stewart & Swift, 2008, p.9). Evolution has favored night vision over being able to see colors during the day (Foss, Stewart & Swift, 2008, p.9). Another part of the cat’s night vision is that at the back of the eye, there is a layer of cells that reflects the light (Foss, Stewart & Swift, 2008, p.9). Cats have to have a good sense of hearing and sight since they depend on that more than smell when hunting (Foss, Stewart & Swift, 2008,
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