Evolution Of Cheerleading Essay

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Put down your pom-poms and prepare to learn a whole lot about the cheerleading you used to know. Throughout time, cheer has developed into an intense sport with elements of risk and danger. No longer are our squads dismissed while cheering on the sidelines for other teams to win. Today each cheer team is working their way to be the champion of their own division. Cheerleading has evolved throughout history into one of the fastest growing sports today; All Star competitive cheerleading. Competitive cheerleading teams and competitions developed over time around the end of 1960. “However, it wasn’t until 1978 when CBS televised the collegiate cheerleading championships that America got its first glimpse of cheerleading that went well beyond chanting and cheering on the sidelines.” (Delp, Valorie). “All-star cheerleading focused on athletic training and competition performances, as opposed to school-based cheerleading,…show more content…
Some of the organizations that run these competitions include: the Universal Cheerleading Association, Varsity, and the National Cheerleading Association. Many standard competitions offer “Bids” (invitations) to bigger and more competitive competitions for the top teams of each division that certain year. The most well-known cheer competition, focusing on level 5 and up, is worlds. “ In 2004, USASF organized the first worlds All Star competition, solidifying non-affiliated cheerleading as a legitimate force within the cheering community” (Isport.). Worlds is the competition every All Star cheerleading team is working towards. “USASF/IASF host the 3rd World Cheerleading Championships “Cheerleading Worlds” at the Walt Disney World Resort taped for the ESPN global broadcast; 15 nations, 4 continents, 150 world teams compete for a World Championship title: 17 countries, 5 continents observe and hold 2nd Annual General meeting.”

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