Evolution Of Divorce Research Paper

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In the world today, many men and women believe divorce is always a dreadful thing that occurs, but there is actually a beneficial side to it. Divorce has been around for many years and mainly just men were the only ones capable to make the decisions. Until, The Guardian states,” The 1857 Matrimonial Causes Act allowed ordinary people to divorce.” Under this new law, it was capable for women to make the decision, they just had to prove the facts to withhold a divorce. Following 1857, in 1923 there was a private member’s bill that allowed women to petition for a divorce for adultery. However, it only made it a little bit easier, they still needed to prove the reason. A few years later, they were able to pass another law, this law allowed divorce…show more content…
That divorce reform act is the present day law for divorce. The evolution of divorce has drastically changed over time, making divorce easier on families. In addition, divorce does not ruin lives, it can actually benefit the adults and children involved. Firstly, in today society money can be very tight, depending on the particular job, but also the location of where they live. Living costs in New York city are way higher than the living costs in small town Dewitt. However, wages are different in such locations, making it capable to live in. In addition, being tied into marriage places both incomes together, usually resulting in having to pay higher taxes. In 1969, there was an establishment of the Alternative Minimum Taxation system. This taxation system was placed in to prevent the rich from receiving tax cutbacks. Even though some couples were not considered “wealthy”, the tax code places many of them in the higher tax bracket while married.…show more content…
However, a breakup is capable of defeating such depression, to make a happier future. Firstly, being involved in an unhappy marriage is capable of ruining their health. The family doctor says, “Poor emotional health can weaken your body’s immune system, making you more likely to get colds and other infections during emotionally difficult times.” By getting a divorce, depression will slowly fall away. Depression doesn’t last forever, most humans find ways to overcome their depression, or often finds help. If you were to stay in a miserable marriage, depression would grow every day, due to putting up with the strain every day. Researchers at London’s Kingston University found that women feel much happier for up to five years following the end of their marriages. And no, it wasn’t just because they had finally broken free of their unhappy marriages. They felt more content than they had in their entire lifetimes. Secondly, being able to be happy from a divorce provides many benefits. Benefits such as lengthen our life’s, something most human beings want. In a 2011 study, almost 4,000 English adults ages 52-79 reported how happy, excited, and content they were multiple times in a single day. Here, happier people were 35 percent less likely to die over the course of about five years than their unhappier counterparts. Also being able to live longer will allow parents to
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