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Maddi Cummings
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Abnormal Psychology 2340
Bret LaFond
Evolution of the DSM 5
It’s no secret that psychology is an always evolving subject, with major research beginning in the 1800’s. Since then, categorization has been a priority in mental health. Overtime this type of categorization became important to standardize, leading to the creation of the
Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders or DSM. The DSM continued to be updated, publishing more current versions, even still today. Currently, there are five versions, but this won’t be the end of the manual. It has been made clear that changes will continue to meet the most current research and standards in mental health.
Classification of mental illnesses
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These categorizations led to the
APA creating the first DSM, which focused on diagnostics for clinical use.
Ten years after the initial release of the DSM, a second edition was created, DSM II in
1968. The second edition was eventually replaced by the DSM III, which was the first manual to

look at several factors when diagnosing a patient. After the third, there were many more editions to follow- a revised manual, a fourth manual and a revised fourth manual. The DSM IV TR, or revised fourth manual, was thought to have no substantial changes and seemed to cause diagnosing a patient to be more difficult. The difficulty stemmed from the lack of information regarding what normal and abnormal symptoms in a person was. This version also forced clinicians to diagnose a person in several categories, making the ideal treatment harder to pinpoint. Finally, in 2013, the DSM 5 was released after five long years of research and reclassification occurred. Unlike the past version, the DSM 5 had many noticeable changes.
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