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The advancement and progression of aerial surveillance and reconnaissance has been a driving force primarily for military means, however the initial airborne photos were in fact taken by our civilian counterparts. As far back as 1783, the Montgolfier brothers of France constructed a hot air balloon which would be the vehicle for the introduction of manned ascent, and then in 1794 the French Army used the balloon L’Entreprenant as an aerial observation platform at the Battle of Fleurus adding a significant contribution to their victory over the Coalition Army.

In France in 1858, a gentleman by the name of Gaspard-Félix Tournachon began to take aerial photos of Paris from within a balloon thereby birthing aerial photography. Unfortunately,
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Due to this advantage, Professor Lowe could provide intelligence on Confederate troops from more than three miles away calling in accurate fires without being seen, a first in the history of battle!

World War I
It is no secret to any aviation enthusiast, let alone a self proclaimed history buff that without the genius of the Wright Brothers, aviation would not be what it is today. History tells us that the Wright Brothers presented their Wright Flyer to the United States Army in the summer of 1909 and after two successful flights with two separate Officer Observers, the Army officially received the Wright Flyer and dubbed it the Signal Corps Airplane No. 1.

The Army and Wright Brothers came to the agreement that the Wrights would be paid a sum of $25,000 for “Airplane No. 1” and an additional bonus of $2,500 for every mile per hour over 40 totaling $5,000 in bonus money.
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(Mogul). Project Mogul was the inception of future high altitude balloon intelligence programs which would later spawn into Project Skyhook by the Air Force, encompassing, Projects Moby Dick and Genetrix, a combination of photo and electronic reconnaissance
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