Evolution Of Education : How Much Has Education

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Evolution of Education
How much has education developed in the past 3,000 years? From the earliest civilizations, to Greece and Rome, to present day education has been around, and evolving. Education started off very basic, learning everyday tasks, all the way to military strategy. Then it blossomed into writing, rhetoric, science, debate, and as if it wasn’t complex enough it developed from there. However, what time period had the most rigorous education, answers to the question may vary, but logic shows that the renaissance period was height of education.
The very beginnings of education began in the earliest civilizations. As civilizations began to populate their form of education was to learn simple tasks that would help in the community. Then came along the first form of writing in 3100 BC, along with it, the first schools (Guiespi). As Robert Guiespi says, “Because firsthand experience in everyday living could not teach such skills as writing and reading a place devoted to learning, the school appeared.” As civilization developed they realized that the best form of education was to be in a school. Assigned to be teachers were scribes and priests, although, a small minority of children attended the schools. Their focus of education was on memorization. Education wasn’t wildly popular, and was only most inforced in the middle east. The beginnings of education have been created, however they are flawed. The forcing of memorization and brutal punishment needed change.…
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