Evolution Of Gangs And Gang Related Activity Essay

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The Evolution of Gangs in the United States Throughout history, divisions and factions have been made amongst people based on race, ethnicity, religion, territory, and several other personal factors. In most cases, people prefer to be within a group of individuals who are similar to them, rather than feel out of place. One of the easiest ways for people to remain attached to their “own kind” is for them to form special groups and bonds within certain areas, which have since been labeled as gangs. When gangs first originated they were meant to keep certain groups of people linked, because when everyone is dispersed those groups do not have as big of impact on societal functions. However, since then, gangs have changed drastically, in both their purpose and organization. Over the past five centuries, the United States has experienced a dramatic increase in gangs and gang-related activity due to technological advances among other factors, and this increase is not expected to slow down in the near future. Many different definitions for a gang exist, but according to in their article, “11 Facts About Gangs,” a gang is defined as, “A group of people who claim a territory and use it to make money through illegal activities.” However, this is a modern definition of gangs, and it does not necessarily define gangs that existed in early history. Yet, some characteristics of gangs today are similar to characteristics of past gangs. For example, members of a gang
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