Evolution Of Human Aggression ( The Nature Of Things )

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After viewing Origins of Human Aggression (The Nature of Things), I learned a lot about origins of human aggression. In the first part of the video, it focused on 2 year old children and how aggression is derived. The video states a study shows that signs of aggression start within the first couple months of a newborn’s life (Maher, Origins of Human Aggression (The Nature of Things). This study within the video I believe is accurate. I was told by my parents that as I grew I began to be more aggressive. The older I got, I began to do things such as: throw objects, hit people, and throw a tantrum if I could not get my way. One time I cried for an hour just so my mother would buy me a pair of shoes. Throwing that tantrum got me my way, but…show more content…
This is not to say that the parents are bad parents or stupid, they just do not realize that children can pick up on things at a young age as they watch them. As parents they should monitor what they do around their children, so that the child does not have to learn bad habits. If the children does happen to do something bad they should take the necessary course of action to make sure that the child knows that the act is bad and should tell them the right course of action. Showing your children the way of life and how it should be lived could positively affect their growth as they mature into teenagers and eventually adults. Now I know everyone is not perfect and we may fail to be a perfect role model, but at least try to keep the negativity to a bare minimum around the child. Parental guidance is always necessary in life. As parents you have experienced the things that the child may be going through and can relate to them on matters because you have been there. I believe if more parents were to talk to their children and try to blend it into being their child’s best friend the problem with aggression can seize itself because every learned action can be unlearned.
As a child becomes a teenager they go from knowing right from wrong to having the ability to do more things without parental supervision. This kind of freedom without having someone to monitor your actions can lead to these young people doing things they
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