Evolution Of Human Resource Management

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This case study covers the evolution of human resource management and discusses current issues and trends in the field. Changes in orientation, such as changes from personnel to human resources, administration to management, and human relations to organizational effectiveness, are covered. Utilizing the concepts and technology described can greatly improve the effectiveness of any human resources department. Ideas for future research and practice are also suggested. Evolution of Human Resource Management
Key principles and practices associated with Human Resource Management date back as early as 1000and 2000 B.C. Employee screening tests have been traced back to 1115 B.C. in China and the earliest form of industrial
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Early human resource management techniques included social welfare elements aimed at helping immigrants adjust to their jobs and to life in the United States. These elements included learning English and obtaining housing and medical care. Such interventions also promoted supervisory training in order to increase company productivity. During this era, managers began to view workers more as individual human beings rather than non-human resources. Administrative functions of Human Resource Management include hiring and firing of employees, compensation, payroll, and management of employee benefits, policy formulation and implementation, records maintenance, Employee Assistance administration, Drug-Free Workplace, legal compliance and Union relationship maintenance.
These tasks are often seen by administrators as tedious busy-work performed by skill-specific clerical managers with limited connection to the mission and goals of the company. This area of company functions is the quantitative component that administrators access to calculate total workforce costs, compensation, and employee turnover. Strategic elements of Human Resource Management include recognizing that people are a key organizational resource. Over the last two decades there has been a significant shift in thinking regarding the role that people play in the success of businesses. In
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