Evolution Of Human Resource Management

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Integrative Learning Assignment
Melissa Nicole Everette
King University Evolution of Human Resource Management The evolution of Human Resource Management has transitioned from a very simple administrative function to a very multifaceted strategic function that still includes administrative, operational, and strategic tasks in the organization. In the beginning of Human Resource Management, the roles of Human Resource personnel was mainly just to hire employees, deal with compensation, benefits, legal issues, and the firing of employees. Today, Human Resources Management has progressed into an imperative involvement in the success of all attributes of an eminent business establishment.
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Some strategic functions that Human Resource Management can use to benefit the overall company are investing in the employee from the time they are hired. Human Resources needs to play a significant part in the strategy of the business. This will benefit the company in the long run through happier employees that will stay with the company longer, succession plans for higher executives when they retire or leave the company, and when Human Resource Management recruits gifted people to help foresee the overall strategy of the business. Inside an organization, the board usually does not concentrate on seeking talented individuals, employee branding, turnover, and engagement until there is critical problems inside an organization, which in turn makes the Human Resource knowledge gap excessive. (Conger & Lawler, 2015) General Electric was ahead of the times, as they were the first company to introduce corporate universities and General Electric spent part of their profits on training and furthering the education of their managers. (Groysberg et al., 2006) Investing in human capital can assist a company in competing and outlasting other companies.
Significant Differences One difference in administrative and strategic functions is how the company perceives the Human Resource department. Some companies do not think of Human Resources as a major player in the overall health of a business entity. When a company gets the best
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