Evolution Of Humans Under The Lactose Intolerance Aspect Of Us As An Organism

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Introduction I will be discussing the evolution in humans under the lactose intolerance aspect of us as an organism. Many scientists believe that we have evolved from a form of primate over the hundreds and thousands of years. Which we have a ton of evidence/research to back up these claims. In a study from (Musacchio, 2016) it explains the relationship of our brains to chimpanzees. Imaging of the apical progenitor mitosis showed a lengthening of prometaphase-metaphase in humans compared to chimpanzees that is specific to proliferating progenitors. The small set of genes that are more highly expressed in human apical progenitors points to increased proliferative capacity, and the proportion of neurogenic basal progenitors is lower in humans. These slight differences in cortical progenitors between humans and chimpanzees have had consequences for human neocortex evolution but show the evolution and relation between the two species. In other terms humans evolve every day, we reproduce at an alarming rate creating different versions of ourselves every second of the day. Whether they be good or bad mutations all of us are completely different and some traits can seem to dominate and be more common in people. For example, we all typically hold a constant body temperature at 98 degrees F, eat food for energy, require water, and convert oxygen into CO2. Not only us procreating daily creates more opportunity for evolution and mutations but also the surroundings each of us are set in
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