Evolution Of Knowledge And Natural Selection

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Since we were born we are continuing to evolve, to adapt to become more efficient and improve our relationship skills. Darwin in 1859 finished his book where the term Darwinism was first introduced, in his book he talked about the natural selection, genetics and molecular biology. His theory where relatively simplistic but they set a huge milestone for biology and evolutionary sciences. The main idea that natural selection is that the simple structure of life transform to more complex ones with new characteristic, but we a good amount of heritage from the past generation. But how good does this metaphor describe the evolution of knowledge? Firstly, we have to state the fundament difference between knowledge and natural selection. Knowledge is dependent from human control; it need an intention to be change. We need to have the right motivation and passion to evolve, we have full control over it. Whilst natural selection happens almost at random and the change and therefore the evolution in natural selection, are often not influenced by the choices of men.

The process of natural selection, and the succession of the mutation are very slow, and occurs over hundreds of years. Intellectual evolution, instead is much quicker. When ideas are evolving, they are transformed from existing knowledge and prejudices of the community, through the invention and the discoveries of individuals thanks to technological advances as well as the basis of already existing knowledge; ideas become

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