Evolution Of New Load Balancing Model For Cloud Computing

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Evolution of new Load Balancing model for Cloud Computing Abstract Cloud computing is a vital part of this new era IT world or we can say that it is a technology of new age which are used to connect data and application from anywhere around the planet through the internet. Anything and everything from servers to mobile phones can be connected to the cloud. It has also yielded up some new companies which are providing consumer a large range of services. Due to this the upcoming companies can now better concentrate on its major purpose and not have to worry about installing their own servers and about its maintenance. They can be very easily outsourcing it to these cloud suppliers saving a lot of capital and energy investment by them. Now,…show more content…
Dynamic schemes are more complex and use system information whereas static schemes are bit simpler and system informations are not used here. Dynamic schemes get changed whenever the status of the system gets changed. In our paper we have used dynamic schemes for flexibility. In our model there is a main controller and balancer which gather and analyze each and every information. We aimed at the public cloud in this load balancing model because public cloud has enormous nodes with distributed computing resources present in many different locations. In this model public cloud is being divided into several cloud partitions and when the load and environment is very large and complex, these partitions simplify the load balancing. Due to its main controller the cloud can choose suitable partition for the jobs which are arriving whereas the balancer for each cloud partition chooses the best load balancing strategy Fig: Everything on the Cloud [16] Related works: There have been many studies of load balancing for the cloud environment. Load balancing in cloud computing was discussed in a white paper by Adler [3] who introduced the tools techniques commonly used for load balancing in cloud. However load balancing is still a new problem in cloud computing that
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