Evolution Of Public Administration Approaches

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Evolution of Public Administration Approaches
The roots of public administration can be traced back to 400 B.C. when Plato developed the concept of democracy, but more recently, economist Fredric W. Taylor in early 1900s developed the need for budgets, cooperation between labor and management in order to become more effective (Gueguen, 2002). His concepts of scientific management, also known as Taylorism, promoted job optimization and simplification in order to increase productivity. These scientific management principles were further explored by German sociologist, philosopher, political economist Max Weber. Weber advocated various concepts such as the development of standardized procedures with a clear chain of command. He developed
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Other than hierarchy and meritocracy (Robinson, 2015), the old public administration had many unique features. Those features included a centralized control with set rules and guidelines, separating policymaking from implementation, and employed a categorized organizational arrangement (Osborne, 2006). Few other central features of this model were, the separation between politics and politicians on one hand and administration and administrators on the other, resources belong to the organization, not to the individuals who work in it and limited public involvement with administrators responsible to democratically elected political leaders (Denhardt & Denhardt, 2015).
Old public administration played an important role in managing budgets and human resources in an organization by targeting efficiency and effectiveness. These goals were achieved by first defining specialized roles within organizations. These roles were then filled by qualified people who were recruited based on merits. People were hired only if they meet all the required qualifications for the job. The dominance of old public administration theory is still visible in today’s recruitment and hiring process. Whenever a new job opening is posted on Alameda County’s website, there is always a section specifying a list of qualifications. Applicants must meet those qualifications in order to qualify for the interview. Every role in the organization was clearly defined with fixed duties and
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