Evolution Of Science And Religion

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Evolution is one of the major concepts in biology that had aroused a struggle between science and religion. There are two different viewpoints that have appeared from this conflict, one from scientists and one from the creationists. The scientists view evolution as a long-term process during which living organisms have developed over time. The teaching method that they see fit to this concept is through material in biology textbooks. These textbooks contain information on how certain species, organisms, and terrains evolved over time. However, the creationists have an opposing viewpoint on evolution. They view evolution not from the scientific standpoint, but from the biblical and religious standpoint - that God had created everything. Creationists object to evolution mainly because of this standpoint. Thus, they believe that evolution should not be studied through the scientific information found in textbooks, but instead it should be studied from the bible. According to the creationists, the bible has a wide variety of statements that show how God had played a major role in the creation of the universe, and in the evolution of species, all of which relate to the scientific “development over time” standpoint. Ken Ham, who is interviewed in the pbs video “What about God,” says that evolution is an evil to be fought, and he points out some of the conflicts the bible has with secular science that deals with origins. One of the conflicts that he listed was that “the Bible says
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