Evolution Of Science And Society Essay

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Imagine yourself blindly stumbling through the maze-like undergrowth of a prehistoric jungle. Just as break through the leaves into the light, a massive figure materializes before your eyes. You watch in horror as this creature rises to be the height of a two-story building and only one thought goes through your mind: dinosaur. However, something seems off about this T-rex; instead of rows of reptile-like scales, in their place are brightly colored feathers. How could this image be so different? Scientific knowledge is limited by technology and the observations it produces. As technology evolves, so do previous scientific observations. One of the most notable examples of this evolution of scientific observation are the dinosaurs. Since their discovery in the 1800’s, dinosaurs have helped make the prehistoric era one of the most popular periods of Earth’s history, for science and society alike. However, while new scientific observations challenge the previously held beliefs on “dinosaurs,” society and the media continue to base their interpretations of prehistoric creatures on the initial observations made centuries ago. Despite the scientific processes that went into producing the image of the dinosaur, there is no doubt that speculation and fantasy contributed to the results. Even though we know that the concept of the dinosaur isn’t an accurate depiction of the physical and social characteristics of prehistoric creatures, it shouldn’t be discarded as another piece of
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