Evolution Of Sun Light Skin

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Evolution of skin tone goes way back millions of years to what history says is our closest ancestors which are chimps. There fur protects them from environmental conditions. If you were to shave a chimp’s fur only them they will be exposed to sun light, due to that sun exposure it would cause their skin to become a different shade. History has also thought us that all human evolved for Africa and skin tones vary depending on where you like. People living close to the equator will have darker skin verse people living close to the poles have a lighter completion.

Skin pigmentation play an important role it’s a natural source of sun screen that protects use from getting skin cancer. Melanin is produced by natural selection this sparked the evolution of darker skin. Melanin is a molecule that protect us from uv radiation. People with lighter seen to have a deficiency of melanin so they sun bathe tanning
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If a lighter skinned woman is pregnant a lack folate it is likely that her child could develop a neural tube defect. A woman with darker skin is protected from having a child with that disorder. And if a light pigmented person is exposed to strong sunlight she/he would have low level of folate.

The linked between the evolution of lighter skin is vitamin D. lighter skin pigmented have Low level of vitamin D when human migrated out of Africa into lighter latitudes. the Vitamin D is obtained through sun exposure UVR has also been linked to several diseases. Darker skin is protected from uv radiation because of the level of vitamin D that they have. Vitamin D help the immune system fights off infection when we get
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