Evolution Of Television And Its Impact On Society

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Evolution of Television Introduction How has the television evolved since it was created? There is a whole variety of answers to this question varying from the affects the television has on people to the way the television has technologically changed and advanced. My goal is to answer both of those questions today. Televisions are a huge part of people’s everyday lives. They have made an enormous impact on society because the television allows them to be aware of current events. At this day in age almost every home in America has a television. This makes it difficult to imagine that in 1947 only a small quantity of homes had televisions in them (Smith). The television is an invention that continues to cultivate. There are always items being added such as bigger screens, 3D screens, touchscreens, high-definition, and more. 1831 started the era of electronic inventions and ever since then the television has grown to be one of the utmost popular developments yet (Television Timeline). Body The first television station was created in 1928. The station’s name was W3XK and it was owned by Charles Jenkins. At first, the Television did not reach out to too many people. By 1936 there were two-hundred television sets being used, but that number flourished rapidly. The first major television network came about in 1937 and that television network was CBS, which is still very popular today. Most televisions were only capable of holding four simple channels. These could only be
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