Evolution Of The Aircraft By Charles Darwin

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Evolution of the Aircraft “It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change”(Charles Darwin). The equivalent can be considered to be true for the airplane. Ever since their debut in 1903, with the Wright brothers, the airplane has continued to evolve over the decades. At first were very simple advancements made by the Wright brothers to manufacture the craft to be more appealing to the public for purchase. Also, improvements were made so they were more efficient and to hold multiple personal. Regrettably, the craft never truly outgrow is bulky configuration and complicated control system. However, even with the cumbersome components with the Weights brothers plane they…show more content…
BBC goes on to state”In the early days of war, the aircraft of the RFC were in use daily to monitor the movements of the German Army in France and Belgium. As the benefits of "eyes in the sky" became increasingly evident to both sides, it became obvious that steps would need to be taken to prevent the opposition from gaining a significant advantage.((BBC News).Pilots feed back information about artillery strikes and the movement of enemy troops. Unlike nowadays when pilots are sent out for combat pilots in World War One only experienced combat when the Allies or the Germans happened to cross paths during their reconnaissance. But, as time went on the need for “eyes in the sky” increased and so did the need for the need to be ahead of the enemy and everyone one wanted a way secure and advantage over their enemy. As a result, of this need planes received an advancement in their systems. Engineers made engines that produced a greater amount of power to the aircrafts and other advancements to improve their usability in war. As BBC also states “At first this consisted of little more than pilots taking pot shots at each other with their service revolvers. But as technology improved airframes became more manoeuvrable and engines more powerful and it was soon possible to mount machine guns.”(BBC). Airplane from then on became a necessity for the war do to their multifunctionality. Planes could either gain information on the enemy 's movements or they could go
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