Evolution Of The Doctor Patient Relationship Into Modern Times

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With the onset of current technological innovations as well as new modern developments in the health care world, the traditional relationship doctors once had with their patients has evolved dramatically. Instead of strictly focusing on the well-being of their patients, doctors now more than ever have additional roles in the health care world, from advancing patient care outside of the hospital, to becoming more informed of the for profit clinics that are readily increasing in numbers across the country. Doctors are continually trying to increase their productivity while accepting these additional roles. This expansion of the doctor’s roles has led to the decrease in effectiveness in the connection with patients. Long gone are the days in which doctors took the appropriate amount of time to nurture the intimate and sacred relationship they had with their patients. Instead, doctors rush to see as many patients as possible a day, sacrificing quality of care. Currently, doctors are spread too thinly and are slowly dissolving the trust of patients. The unfortunate shift of the doctor patient relationship in today’s society is undeniably devastating with the accumulation of these changes. Traditionally, doctors had complete knowledge of the full medical history of all patients and every single health complication each patient amassed. With technology playing a huge factor in the modern era and people
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