Evolution Of The Freeway System Essay

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The Evolution of the Freeway System in Los Angeles
Society has always been a continuous community of movement; trying to get from one place to another. Commuting citizens, cargo and information has always been a significant contributor to the economic and societal life of many municipalities. From the industrial age, society has been progressively reliant on different transportation systems in order to accomplish trade, distribution of supplies, tourism and so on. As the suburban sprawl continues to expand, technology advances. The resources needed to attain successful transportation has evolved over many historical revolutions to accommodate a growing population and the immense density of a growing city. Developments in mechanics has permitted people to move faster with greater amount of supplies and travel longer distances, but not without challenges. Urban planners have an outlying role in freeway development that explains the challenges needed to be overcome to excel in successful transportation services. Urban planners have the duty to conduct political negotiations between different levels of the government to excel and expand our urban society. Information needed to fully understand the evolution will demonstrate the importance and impact freeway systems have on urban and suburban lifestyles.
The decision to start implementing a system that allows automobiles to quickly get through regulated traffic by using different roads that are composed together, will result in
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