Evolution Of The Internet And Its Effect On The Music Industry

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Amber Dawkins - Music Business Skills

The Evolution Of The Internet And Its Effect On The Music Industry

The evolution of digital music has created an obvious and drastic shift in the way consumers and producers view and use the music industry. The introduction of digitally compressed music files has made music so easily attainable to all for a small fee or to download illegally for free. This has made the music industry reevaluate how they are to make a profit off their art form. Social media websites have also created a visible demand from consumers for artists to maintain a consumer-artist digital relationship, making the Internet not only a promotional vehicle for artists, but also a necessity for profit. These new means of distributing and marketing music has not only pushed the music industry to new levels, but has created a whirlwind of change as record labels now find themselves having to come up with new and creative ways to regain as much control as possible. We’re now seeing independent, unsigned artists carving out their own careers; being financially successful and independent without their aide. A clear example of this is The Arctic Monkeys. Now a band that has claimed international success, when previously unsigned, their demo tracks were pervasive on the internet even before the band had grasped the art of digital promotion.

The Rising Success Of Independent Artists

We have reached a time when music has become so easily attainable that anyone who has a…
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