Evolution Of The Internet And Its Effect On The Music Industry

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The Evolution Of The Internet And Its Effect On The Music Industry

The evolution of digital music has created an obvious and drastic shift in the way consumers and producers view and use the music industry. The introduction of digitally compressed music files has made music so easily attainable to all for a small fee or to download illegally for free. This has made the music industry reevaluate how they are to make a profit off their art form. Social media websites have also created a visible demand from consumers for artists to maintain a consumer-artist digital relationship, making the Internet not only a promotional vehicle for artists, but also a necessity for profit. These new means of
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The system was relatively profitable for these companies, but the revenues distributed unoften favoured the artist. Furthermore, the price of recording a song was high, requiring time in a professional music studio and since it is also costly to promote and distribute music, musicians were left with little choice but to sign with record labels.

In more recent years we have seen independent artists flourish at the hands of the internet. Digital marketing and promotion at their fingertips, and the simplicity of having quality recording facilities in your own home mean that the necessity of getting signed to become a well established artist, is no more.

The Rise Of Music Piracy and How It’s Being Tackled

The real growth in emerging technologies began in 1998 with the evolution of the MP3 player. This allowed for a new type of audio-compression that was at the time, a revolutionary means for listening to music. What the creators of MP3 files and music industry experts didn’t know was that this technology that they thought would help them, would actually hurt them in the long run. By developing a type of music file that is so compressed it takes up less space yet maintains the integrity of the audio quality, music personnel predicted that this technology would make it much easier to distribute and enjoy music across many outlets (computers, iPods, MP3 players, etc.). But this creation actually led to the development of infamous online file sharing
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