Evolution Of The Origin Of Man

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Creationists say that teaching evolution in school would go against what they believe about the origins of man. But Evolution does not cover the origins of man, but how entire species have changed with time. US public schools should teach evolution as scientific fact because there is fossil evidence, bacterial evidence, and there is evidence hidden inside of the genes in all living things. Fossil’s from all over the world show evidence of evolution and change in entire species. Scientists have found fossils of ancient birds with DNA that is nearly the same as modern day birds. But the ancient birds had feathers and legs just like that of modern birds. But they also have teeth, clawed digits on their forelimbs, and a tailbone much like one from a reptile. From this scientists have put it together that birds had evolved from ancient reptiles, and that reptiles and birds are both closely related to each other even today. Philip D. Gingerich, an paleontologist and a professor at the University of Michigan had found a fossil which he called Pakicetus. It was an ancient mammal found in Pakistan and Egypt whose ear bones show that it is a member in the whale family but it has a skull that looks like a dogs. Philip proposed that this was ancient ancestor of modern day whales. Later Hans Thewissen, a former student of Philip D. Gingerich found another fossil that was a slightly more recent form of Pakicetus that had webbed feet and legs built for walking or swimming
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