Evolution Of The Role Of Women 's Society

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“Evolution of the Role of Women in Society” Over the centuries, women’s role in society has changed significantly. Although not perfect, it has come a long way from what it used to be. Men have always been seen as the “leader in the relationship”, or the one who had the most power. Women were see as the weaker sex, only good for cooking, cleaning and raising children. They were very often looked down upon, and treated extremely poorly. The tables have turned and now women can have leadership positions in politics as well as being the dominant gender in many cases. Since practically the beginning of time, women have always been seen as the lesser gender. Women have always come second to men. In relationships, monarchies, as well as just everyday jobs. The stereotype that has been around forever was “a woman’s place belongs in a home”. That stereotype has stuck with this gender for as long as anyone can remember. It put a huge setback on the evolution of women’s roles in society. All men thought women were good for were cooking meals, cleaning the house, and raising their children. Women were seen as housewives and nothing more. They were the ones that were relied on to do everything around the house, while keeping it clean, having hot meals on the table, and making sure the children were well kept for. This was expected all day, every day, with no excuses. Then, the tables began to turn. Women started to want more for themselves. They were tired of being treated as the

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