Evolution Of The Supply Chain

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Introduction Evolution of the supply chain stems from Physical internet. Montreuil“If you think about the early days of computers, people loved using them, but they had no way to connect their computers to a community,” he says. “To get connectivity, we looked to transportation for a model and the information superhighway became the metaphor for the Internet.” The Physical internet approach is influenced by the internet network system where information is moved globally efficiently. The Supply chain system could use the Internet as a metaphor for a new way to move physical objects through the supply chain. As said by Meller “Imagine an EBay like exchange with all freight specified based on smart modular containers and visible to a vast community of users that rate each other to drive performance’’. This is a decentralised system that enables networking by aligning and coordinating the processes between customers’ suppliers and providers to manage logistics units efficiently and in a sustainable manner. Indeed, with the traditional level of logistics there has been a high level of underutilization of resources of logistics these include trains truck and warehouses. The diagram below represents the sustainability issues currently faced in the supply chain system. All symptoms have significant negative economical environmental and societal impacts. Chemlogix a Third Party Logistics company that works with chemical manufactures instigates the effectiveness of 3PL to
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