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Evolution Big Idea Project Chris Berg There are many people that are not fully informed about the concept of evolution. Because of this, they are unable to make scientific and logical connections between us humans and how we evolved from the world around us. There are a broad number of misconceptions that people have, but I decided to focus on 3 major ones: 1. Evolution is goal oriented. Many non-evolutionists say that if evolution existed, there would be some endpoint or “goal” that is reached. In other words, species are trying to become perfect. However, that is not the case. Every species is only adapting and evolving to fit their current needs and to thrive. They change because of environment, available nutrients, to stay…show more content…
Closely related organisms have very similar DNA. It turns out humans share over 90% of the same DNA with ape-like creatures. We can conclude that they have a relatively recent common ancestor. Another way to determine the relatedness of two organisms is finding fossils of a species that displays an intermediate stage between the two existing ones. This intermediate species most likely became extinct, but not before some of them evolved even more towards humans. The proposed common ancestor between humans and apes is likely an extinct species named “Pan Prior”. It gets pretty in depth from there, but there is no current fossil existing of it, but analysis of its DNA shows many signs of a common ancestor. It most likely existed 8 million years ago. The ape is the most closely related living organism to the human. It is evident that species so similar must have a common ancestor. 3. The eye cannot evolve from natural selection When evolution skeptics want to attack Darwin's theory, they often point to the human eye. How could something so complex have developed through random mutations and natural selection, even over millions of years? Although there are only a few examples, there is evidence of an eye changing slowly overtime due to the advantage it gave. Most likely, the eye only started out as a light-sensitive patch on the head of an organism. That patch must have given that organism some sort of advantage. Slowly, the eye became deeper and more open.
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