Evolution Scientific Inaccuracies

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The 2001 film “Evolution”, is an entertaining film about an alien species being introduced to earth via meteor. However, this film seems to contain a copious amount scientific inaccuracies. For example, when the meteor is traveling through space, the movie presents the meteor rushing towards Earth with sound. However, space is a vacuum, so there for there would be no sound in space. To continue with the lengthy list, the meteor, after piercing the atmosphere of earth, still remains around the same size, not withering at all through the intense heat and weathering that would occur by doing so. Also, last time I checked, meteors did not contain explosives. I only bring that up because when it impacts, it creates a huge explosion, rather…show more content…
Evolution of man kind took countless number of years, however, this “blood” took less than a few weeks to evolve from single cell to multicellular, complex organisms. With that, of course those organisms can’t breathe oxygen, so doesn’t the rock just create its own atmosphere for the aliens to inhibit? How nice of it! I didn’t know that a rock, that happens to bleed, could convert an atmosphere into something else to help allow its blood to evolve and live. Along the path of the bloods evolution, it seems all of the once single celled organisms became, what looked to be, flat worms. So, the doctors took a few worms for testing. But of course, something must go astray! Avast, the worms undergo mitosis! Yeah, they split themselves into another identical worm. COME ON, really? How long are they going to push the buttons of many scientists, who were probably screaming at the T.V. with intense violence? Well, obviously they will, its gone on this long anyway... So the professors next visit leaves them in shock-and-awe (not to mention any science enriched person), they find that an entirely different world has emerged underground. With that new habitat, comes new species (that mind you, somehow, all evolved from those magical worms who can undergo mitosis). This species list ranged from flies and two headed creatures to pterodactyl and primates! What a wide range of evolved forms for a worm, its like Pokemon all over again! Now, to
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