Essay on Evolution: The Destruction of Humanity?

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Throughout human history mankind has seen itself as the most important creation in the universe. The only thing seen as greater than humanity was the gods. This is a common theme that is found in the histories of civilizations, cultures, and religions around the world. Any idea that said humans were different than this or that went against this notion was not only going against these respected institutions it was going against humanity itself. The theory of Evolution was one of the most revolutionary ideas to come forward. It used scientific research to explain how every animal adapted to its’ environment. The controversy of this idea came when Charles Darwin released his book the Descent of Man. In this book he explained how not only …show more content…
A long time ago an aincent version of the tiger may not have had these stripes. Since the environment changed tigers without stripes would get killed easier. Under these conditions a few tigers must have been born with a few stripes on their coat. They were the ones that were fit to survive the circumstances better than the stripeless tigers. Overtime the tiger that is prevalent today is the product of natural selection, where the fittest survive. This idea in itself was not very controversial. In fact much of the scientific community at the time accepted Darwin’s 30 years’ worth of research in different continents around the world.(Darwin Bio ) The reason there was not a huge backlash against this idea at the time was that mainly scientists were the ones who understood and read it. The other reason, and the biggest one, was that Darwin left out his theory of humans evolving from animals. It wasn’t until he released The Descent of Man that governments, religious bodies, and society started to backlash. While the backlash seemed huge, it was overly exaggerated. A vast majority of people accepted the theory of evolution a few decades after it was presented by Darwin. Religious institutions were one group that fought back against the idea of Evolution from the beginning. However overtime, organizations such as the Catholic Church have accepting the theory. The late pope, Pope John Paul II formally stated, “…new knowledge leads us to
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