Evolution: True Facts In The Nineteenth Century

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The nineteenth century was full of change and progress in science. One of the most prominent “discoveries” was that of evolution. Though it had existed before, this is the time when it truly gained ground. Climate change, an issue that is highly discussed today, also found its origins at this time. Both are considered true facts in the twenty-first century scientific community, yet it is controversial in the general public. This is a problem that we must strive to solve, especially in a world where religion, politics and truth do not necessarily coincide.

While the idea of evolution has been around for centuries, it did not begin to gain general acceptance until the time of Charles Darwin’s The Origin of Species. Even then, it was met with skepticism and even anger and hatred. Though considered heresy by many as it appeared to …show more content…

However, there are still a few that do not believe it is true. One such person is the United States Vice-President-Elect, who believes it is “just a theory”. Evolution is also only taught as just one possible origin of life in many school systems. Both facts are alarming in a world where evolution is fact. There are several reasons that this could be the case though. One of the most important points is the definition and connotation of the word “theory”. In science, a theory is an explanation for something that has been tested on many occasions. However, most people picture the general definition of a theory, that is, something of an idea or guess. This is likely why most people do not believe it to be factual. People assume that because it is considered the “theory of evolution”, it is only one possibility and that it cannot be truly proven any more than another theory. Another reason for the rejection of evolution is

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