Essay on Evolution VS. Creationism

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Since the beginning of the human race there has been a lingering question as to the origins of man and how all living things acquired their characteristics. The two main theories that arose over time were Creationism and Evolution, both of which provided very distinct answers to this question. Creationism based its answer on the idea of a supernatural power or being that created the entire universe, man and the numerous other organisms that live within it. While, Evolution theorizes that all living things have the potential to change and grow over time into something new and different. So in other words, one theory suggests that humans and all the organisms on Earth are the result of divine design, while the other indicates that they…show more content…
Every one of these flaws points out that the Creationists theory that the Earth, all of the organisms on it, and everything that surrounds it has not changed or been altered since the flood is inaccurate. Biogeography for example shows that “closely allied” species have a tendency to live on the “same continent… or within the same group of oceanic islands… despite their species-by-species preferences for different habitats, food source, [and] of conditions of climate” (Quammen 4). The explanation for this is that “they descended from common ancestors” and this can be verified with the paleontology flaw because that flaw deals with the fossils of plants and animals “that had [either] become extinct or that still existed but in different forms” which indicates not only that organisms have changed over time, but also provides evidence that “closely allied” organism have lived in the same areas of centuries (Quammen 4; Parks 24). Then in the taxonomic classification flaw these “closely allied” spices can be “systematically classified, according to their shared similarities” which, suggests that “closely allied” organisms descended from common ancestor because of the traits and similar organs that allows this type of classification (Quammen 5). The presence of these similar traits and organs introduces the flaw of vestigial characteristics because although some of these do not have any current

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