Evolution Vs. Creation Essay

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Evolution! The theory that every living organism has come from a lesser organism. A theory that claims humans have come from monkeys. This "theory", is what’s being taught to our children in school. If a child asks a teacher about the theory of Creation, they are sure to get a response like, "I’m not allowed to answer that question", or something along those lines, because schools are not allowed to teach on religious subjects. I guess schools think that evolution is the next best thing.

I believe that the world was created by God!

Ever since I have been in high school I have questioned the theory of evolution.

We are going to look at the theory of evolution and where the theory originated. We will also look at the theory of
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Materialistic philosophy is a philosophy that places materialistic goods above spiritual values; this type of philosophy is what produced the theory of evolution.

The person who put forth the theory of evolution the way it is defined today, was an amateur English Naturalist, Charles Robert Darwin.
According Darwin, “living species were not created by God, but came from a common ancestor and differentiated from each other as a result of natural conditions.” Listen to an example given by the History Of Science Society, “Giraffes evolved from antelope-like creatures by extending there necks further and further from generation to generation in order to reach higher and higher branches of food.”

He said living creatures were passing the traits they had acquired during their lifetime from one generation to another, and therefore we evolving. I think that it is safe to say the theories of Darwin were based on the power of imagination.

As we have seen, the Theory of evolution has not been based on any scientific evidence, or even been claimed by a scientist. Yet the theory has been taught to students across the country as the truth.

Now that we have looked at the theory of evolution, lets take a look at the theory of

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