Evolution Vs Creation Vs Evolution

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A very common question and debate for multiple years is, “What came first; the chicken or the egg?” Both evolution and creation make excellent counter-arguments against one another about how Earth came to be, and have also been argued against one another for many years. This paper will contain the topics of comparing evolution and creation; these topics are that they are both based on theories, Earth was one big continent, and natural selection. Along with those topics, there will be contrasts between evolution and creation; these topics will include chimpanzees versus god, science versus religion, and the last one is evolution and creation itself.
The first topic is about how they are both based on theories. Creationists theory is that
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Then, the last topic for comparison is natural selection. The definition of natural selection is the process whereby organisms better adapted to their environment tend to survive and produce more offspring. The theory of its action was first fully expounded by Charles Darwin and is now believed to be the main process that brings about evolution. Darwin and Blyth’s points on natural selection may differ but all is said that evolutionists and creationists believed that natural selection did occur, that it did take place no matter what some believed in.
Now, about the contrasts of evolution and creation. One main topic is how we could have evolutionized from chimpanzees or that we could have been created by God. Genetic evidence suggests the ancestors of humans and chimpanzees diverged roughly 4 million years ago. The relative size of the chimp brain matches most of our extinct relatives, for a long time suggesting our ape cousin might be an ideal place to glimpse humanity 's origins ( Choi, Human Evolution: Our Closest Living Relatives). As Charles Q. Choi states that the genetic evidence is similar to human beings. "Emotionally and socially, the psychology of chimps is very similar to humans," said primatologist Frans de Waal at Emory University in Atlanta. For instance, he noted, chimps have shown they can help unrelated chimps and human strangers at personal cost

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