Evolution and Darwin Essay

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Evolution and Darwin

In a society based on survival of the fittest, adaptation and evolution are the keys to success. If there is a hurdle that a species cannot conquer as it is, it will then do everything it must to overcome it, even if that means change. Throughout time, evolution has helped us to thrive in the toughest of times. The human species is at the top of its class, overthrown by no other, but what happens when a species begins to encounter hurdles within its own society? Can the human species overthrow itself, making a new kind of human? (Bear 195) Did Charles Darwin leave out the last piece of the puzzle? If adaptation and evolution are inevitable when faced with a problem, then the demise of our species as we know it and
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The two extreme beliefs as well as the mixed belief are displayed in Darwins Radio. Those who are able to have faith in their bodies rather than making up their minds right away eventually see the truth while the rest of the population is left in the dark.

Those who do not believe in evolution do not act rationally. They see the SHEVA babies as the devils spawnborn with the mark of Satan. (Bear 433) Those who have lived their entire life believing that God created us all and we never evolved from anything have no way of seeing the possibility that the SHEVA virus may be the next step in evolution. Without the possibility of evolution, the SHEVA virus can only be seen as an outbreak that must be stopped, but at what cost? The people with a strong religious McCandless 3 background are pictured as ignorant in Darwins Radio. There is an outcry for the government to think up a way to stop the spread of the SHEVA virus, but when the suggestion of using RU-486 to abort these new SHEVA fetuses is presented, there is yet another outcry for saving the lives of these babies. With riots and picketing in the streets, begging for a solution, while at the same time referring to RU-486 as genocide, the government is at a loss. However, the public does not understand why there is no quick and easy solution. With so much pressure, the government begins to go into extremes. Even the vice president listens as Augustine, the head of the Task Force, tells him
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