Evolution and Growth of Administrative Law

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According to Sir Ivor Jennings, Administrative Law can be defined as “a law relating to administration. It determines the organization, powers and duties of administrative authorities”. Administrative Law has been in existence for a very early time, and since then to the present era, the definition and meaning of administrative law has undergone a tremendous transformation. In India, administrative law can be traced from the time of the Maurya and Gupta dynasty to the British era and now, the present. Its development in the 20th century was nothing short of extraordinary. The change in administrative law is proportional to the changes in society, and in this sense can be referred to as the sociology of law , as it is with the changes in the society and the functions of the administration, that the scope of the term has widened and evolved.

The following project intends to define the various definitions of administrative law, as put forward by scholars, and then trace the development of Administrative Law, from its origin to the present date. The paper also lays down various functions of Administrative Law, and its growth in India. Further, the author intends to outline the various factors that led to the growth of the subject.
The State was…
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